Also in the game, Beerus admitted that he hated the Frieza race for their actions. There are quite a few exceptional Namekian warriors like Piccolo, Saonel, and Pirina, who all got their incredible strength due to fusing with other strong Namekians, although this ability has never benefited any other Namekian besides Piccolo. Frieza tells them to seek out the catalyst that will help them achieve their transformation. It is implied that the efforts of Frieza Race Time Patrollers have helped change other races' opinions of them. They have armor that is apparently part of their natural body called Bio Suits, and have a "helmet" with horns sticking out from each side. The Frieza Soldiers are humanoid soldiers of completely different species who works as a mercenary in Frieza's interplanetary operations. The Grand Priest truly raised a handful of monsters, but at least their beautiful garments and pristine hairstyles hide the fact that just one could defeat every single major Dragon Ball villain at the same time. Cooler's brain was able to be assimilated by the Big Gete Star after he was pushed into the Sun, despite there being nothing left of him but an eye and a fragment of brain tissue, Frieza survived being bisected by his Death Saucer, and Mecha Frieza even lived after being vertically sliced in two (as his vision was cut in two as a result) before being cut to pieces by Future Trunks' Shining Sword Attack only dying after these pieces were obliterated by the technique's finishing blast. The mechanized Frieza, with his father, King Cold. The fourth form, also known as the true or base form, Frieza mentions this form to be his true form during his battle against Vegeta, with the other forms acting as "camouflages". Imagine if he trained full time like Goku. In the game, three members of the Frieza Clan appear as playable characters: the Frieza Clan Hero, a Frieza Clan Berserker, and a Frieza Clan Elite. In Xenoverse 2, this form appears under the name Turn Golden and can be achieved by the Future Warrior if they are a member of Frieza's race. Still, the fact that both Beerus and Champa managed to become Gods of Destruction means that their race has a high potential for power. While some believe the Frieza's clan is known as the Arcosians, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is currently calling the race simply, "Frieza Race". The first and most notable member of the Frieza Clan to appear in the series is Frieza himself. If the Future Warrior is a member of Frieza's race then they will be sent to investigate the Frieza's Spaceship time rift anomaly during the game's prologue, only to be called away by Elder Kai after he informs them of their new assignment to take part in a critical mission. Saiyans in Dragon Ball Z. I do 1.5 bars of damage to players with 1 Cooler's Nova... How much damage is that exactly, because my female Saiyan build get's 14767 points of damage with both Supernova's(this is with Super Vegeta 2, 125 in Ki Blast Supers, before creation comes destruction comes ruin and a QQ Bang with a +5 in Ki Blast Supers). Once at 100%, Frieza was able to hold his own for a period of time against Goku, but gradually begins to wear out his body from being unable to properly control the energy. In taking over Vegeta's body, Baby was even able to compete with Super Saiyan 4 Goku! Frieza's Ki Blast is totally broken. Androids can be created in a variety of ways: they can be fully artificial (Androids 16 and 19), formerly human (Androids 17 and 18), or they could be bio-androids, a combination of both (Cell). After transforming into his 3rd form the bleeding from his tail stop though it was not completely healed until Frieza transformed into his Final Form. The earliest known activities of the Frieza Forces involved the ancestor of Frieza, Ch… Cooler had also mastered his true form so that he can stay in it at all times, though he did not possess the 100% Full Power form. They also have the ability to fire a single paralyzing ki blast and use a Tail Attack as their grapple throw. Frieza is also a prodigy, and is considered strong even by the standards of his race. The horns protrude at the 45 degree angle. As they gain power, they create f… Frieza and King Cold seem to in fact be a part of a hybrid species that came into existence as a result of an accidental spontaneous mutation that first appeared "in our grandfather's time.[12]. His training of the Future Warrior is implied to be more along the lines of recruitment into his army. However in the anime, it is revealed during the Tournament of Destroyers his benevolence is just an act as he is secretly the leader of a band of space pirates whom he pretends to oppose while profitting on rebuilding worlds attacked by his underlings. After Goku reawakened the Super Saiyan transformation, the race began to evolve at an unprecedented rate, attaining power that rivaled the gods in only a few years. Main articles: Transforming Ability and Fourth Transformation. The army was controlled by the Frieza Clan for most of its known history. It is also unclear as to what Kuriza's relationship with his father is like and if fatherhood has had any change on Frieza's character as he tends to care only about himself and simply tolerated his family out of familial respect though would have no problem killing them if the opportunity presented itself. Despite not possessing the power of a god, Dyspo's affinity for speed and his ability to last in fights against powerful warriors like Goku, Hit, Frieza, and Gohan, would only serve as another indication of this race's strength. These positive traits are also demonstrated by several Frieza Race Time Patrollers such as Jierra in Xenoverse 2, who reveals his dislike for the evil personality of Frieza Clan ancestor Chilled, when mentioning a mission to make sure Chilled survived his battle with Super Saiyan Bardock to pass on knowledge of the Super Saiyans to his descendants and even states he had hold himself back from killing Chilled himself, instead of focusing on fighting Bardock to ensure Chilled would survive the battle allowing him to pass on said knowledge before dying from his injuries. Not much is known about Beerus's race. They were later revived when the erased universes were restored. They also pride themselves as being the strongest race in the cosmos. However, Frost joins forces with Frieza of Team Universe 7 during the tournament only to be betrayed by Frieza who eliminates him from the tournament. After being introduced to the concept of love, Majin Buu created his own wife, Miss Buu. All known members of this race in Universe 7 in the manga and anime have been from a solitary family line, Frieza's family. After New Namek is destroyed by the Time Breakers in Age 851, the Namekians relocate to Earth joining the Earthlings and Majins in defending the planet from both the Frieza Force and Time Breakers though it also lead to the birth of a new Namekian Demon Clan called the Dark Namekians lead by Naraku who was born from the Evil Egg spawned by Namekians who had become evil due to settling near King Piccolo's old throne. Tock after eating part of second form Frieza's tail. Shin, the Supreme Kai of Universe 7, possesses enough strength to crush Frieza in one blow (who at the time was just underneath a Super Saiyan in terms of power), and Zamasu who was able to hold his own against Super Saiyan 2 Goku. This process can also apparently work in reverse as after Mecha Frieza was revived in pieces by a wish to Shenron and those pieces were placed inside a Medical Machine, Frieza was completely restored after reverting from his synthetically modified Final Form back to his 1st form though it is heavily implied that this was assisted by the advanced medical machine technology as Mecha Frieza's attempts to pull the pieces of himself together with telekinesis failed. The race is first introduced in the series in the Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Homeworld When he appears on screen he is the strongest being in the known universe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Another named Calao is elderly and has has a normal Frieza Race tail but also has humanoid ears. Cooler needed to use his Supernova Cooler to have a chance at killing Goku, and even this attempt was thwarted when Goku barely manages to gather enough energy to blast Cooler into the Sun. Dragon Ball features tons of strong races. Additionally, not all race's have a dim view of the Frieza race such as the Majin whom only consisted of a single individual back when Frieza and his family was in power thus they have an easier time with races that never dealt with Frieza or his family's evil actions. Vegeta. One of them has an appearance marked by teal-pigmented skin, horns, lavender hair with a mustache and a green scouter adorned over his face. Frieza Clansman Future Warrior going to Frieza for training. In this form, Golden Frieza outclasses Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form. It is not until Piccolo arrives after fusing with Nail that Frieza has any sort of challenge while fighting. Despite the Namekians' bad history with the Frieza Clan, Frieza Force, and Time Breakers, the Dark Namekians would eventually become allies to the Frieza Force and Time Breakers. As they gain power, they create for themselves new forms to disguise their actual power levels from opponents and allies alike. Average Height The Future Warrior must then defeat them again to complete the quest which will permanently unlock the Turn Golden Awoken Skill. The Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game also notably refers to Frieza, Cooler, and Cold as being "Males" while it lists no-sex races like Namekians as not having genders. It is unsure for how long this race had been in control of their empire, but was at least before the Saiyans arrived on Planet Plant in Age 550. The home world of this species is unknown. However some members of this race such as Frieza and King Cold prefer to wear artificial clothing/armor while others like Cooler seem to prefer wear only their natural armor. Jierra's first assignment takes him to Age 750 where he is forced to deal with a history change during Goku's assault on Muscle Tower that causes the 5 Murasaki Brothers to multiply into 20, causing Jierra trouble as he is not sure how many he should defeat, though eventually he decides it doesn't matter and beats them all, allowing Goku and Android 8 to rescue the Jingle Village Chief restoring the timeline. While the strength of androids varies from subject to subject, for the most part, they tend to hover around the power level of a Super Saiyan or a Super Saiyan 2. Additionally Metal Cooler becomes subservient to Fu as a result of his cybernetic modifications. Broly. Frieza and his family share a similar background. This leads to Frieza's Spaceship Quest 01: "-Frieza's Race Awakening!" Frieza is said to own at least 448 planets, and his brother at least 256 planets. Cooler is depicted as being just as evil as his father and brother though apparently wasn't born with the same level of power as them and it is suggested he had to train to keep up with his younger brother, a noted prodigy. A warrior tribe that has low health but high attack power. This fifth form is primarily used by Cooler (although Frieza achieves it in Cooler's ending in the PSP game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road). After Mr. Satan's death in Age 820, the Frieza Force remnants invaded Earth coming into conflict with the Majin, Earth's Military, Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, and the surviving members of the Dragon Team who managed to fight off the invasion, though the Frieza Force maintained a presence on Earth which was keep in check by the Earth's growing population of Martial Artists due to Gohan's Groundbreaking Science revealing the existence of ki to the general population, Trunks and Goten's Kikoukenjutsu Sword School which fought against the invaders, Krillin's re-foundation of the Turtle School as the New Turtle School, Tien's expansion of the Tien-Shin Style Dojo into the New Crane School, as well as the development of the Pan Fighting Network, along with the Dragon Team's use of ki while fighting the Frieza Force in Saiyaman-like costumes to hide their identities, while the Majin were inspired by the heroic death of Mani-Mani who died fighting the Frieza Force to become fighters and develop a martial arts culture. They also pride themselves as being the strongest race in the cosmos. Frieza and Cooler meeting each other in Orange Star High School in Conton City. Some members of the race have been shown to possess the ability to transform into several forms, each holding different power and speed capabilities. They are indeed the strongest mortal race in space to the point where Frieza undergo training and achieved a golden form. Members of the Frieza Clan in Dragon Ball Heroes. The attack was strong enough to reduce Earth to an asteroid belt and was even strong enough to send Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta straight to Other World. Frieza Race Time Patroller and Taino Force member Iaas is later sent to investigate this rift with his Captain Taino. In Xenoverse 2, the Future Warrior encounters a Metal Cooler in Conton City who reveals that Cooler considers himself and by extension the Meta-Cooler Corps. While we do have the Namekians to thank for the Dragon Balls, we've constantly seen how they've remained powerless to stop any invasion on their homeworld without Saiyan intervention. The army was controlled by the Frieza Clan for most of its known history. Sometime in the past, Planet Vegeta was visited by King Cold and his son, Frieza, to announce his coronation and demonstrate a new technology known as the Scouters, which would serve as portable, head-mounted computers that could process power levels and command remotely connected ships. The other one has a brown-pigmented skin, a fish-like head and wears a green scouter over his face, as well. The other one has a brown-pigmented skin, a fish-like head and wears a green scouter over his face, as well. Frost's form is similar to Frieza's albeit a silver head and chest, blue arms, and black waist, thighs, and tail. They are adorned with colored gem plates on the head, torso, ankles, wrists, and shoulders. Members of Frieza's race can possess hair, though this is uncommon.[10]. The most powerful of all the Angels and most likely one of the most powerful beings in all of the Dragon Ball series is… A frost demon known as Frieza has ruled a galactic empire for an unknown, yet the grandiose amount of time. This was somewhat proven when he later teamed up with Frieza who's power he respected. In a world full of demons with the power to take on the entire planet there are a few … Aside from the enhancements, the new "Cooler" entity was able to produce hundreds of copies of itself, the Meta-Coolers. The series would soon go on to debut Cooler, and soon after King Cold. NEXT: Dragon Ball: 10 Whis Quotes That Show Why We Love Him. In order to get more powerful, some members of Frieza's race wear special Bio Suits merged with technology referred to as Cosmic Suits, these specialized mecha suits boost the power of Frieza's race more than most other specialized Bio Suits. In Future Trunks' timeline, Future Cooler managed to find the Big Gete Star and had it replicate him as well, making an army of Future Meta-Coolers. Despite being members of the same race, Frieza will ask his men to treat the warrior no differently than any other soldier, as he only shows respect for those who have proven themselves as capable soldiers in his eyes, showing that members of Frieza's Race outside of Frieza's Family must prove themselves to the tyrant. This form is a "Super Evolution"[13] which increases the user's power substantially, unlike the other Terrifying Super Transformations which are simply suppressions of the user's true power. The first form is very short and lean in built. It is called Cooler (Final Form) in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 a reference to the fact it is his final biological transformation. In Xenoverse 2, the Frieza Clan has a rule that the strongest among them rules indicating that Frieza a prodigy among his race and clan had gained it due to being recognized as the strongest which may explain his rivalry with Cooler whom apparently seeks to one day usurp his brother's position while King Cold is content allowing either of his sons to rule as long as they maintain their family's reputation and respect him as their father. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! [6] With the exception to Cooler[8] and Kuriza, their naming structure is derived from things related to low temperature. While some believe the Frieza's clan is known as the Arcosians, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is currently calling the race simply, "Frieza Race". Frieza is basically a god among men. Most of Frieza's family are employed in high status positions under a massive Frieza Force, which they also run. Frieza himself is noted to have no problem with killing members of his race and/or clan should they oppose him due to his ruthless personality. In Dragon Ball Online, the Mixxileean Tock was able to take on an empowered state by eating part of second form Frieza's tail that had been infused with some of Nail's ki. It is unlikely that every member of Frieza's race possesses this suitability trait, as King Cold died from a blast to the chest (in the manga, in the anime he was still conscious), and Chilled died from a full power energy wave which caused him to die from the injuries his body sustained from it. By Age 1000, the Frieza Force had joined forces with the Time Breakers, Dark Namekians, Chocolay, and the Red Pants Army to conquer the planet forcing the Earth's Guardian Dende, the eternally young Piccolo, and the Time Patrol lead by Frieza and King Cold's real killer Future Trunks to take action. フリーザ種族 It is referred to as the "Fourth Transformation" by Cooler, Daizenshuu 7, and several video games. With the ability to regenerate lost limbs, increase in size at will, and stretch their arms beyond inconceivable proportions, a Namekian warrior at his prime will find himself well-endowed for a variety of combat systems, but overall, they should just rely on the Dragon Balls instead of their own power to get the job done. Saiyans. Frieza's race is just naturally born powerful, they have a mutation in their DNA that make them so powerful i believe has been said to be the reason. The Dragon Ball Saiyans are known for being strong, but not all of them are built the same way. Attack power rises when health is … In fact, we don't even have an official name for them! Of course, Android 17 is an exception, and for a long time, Cell represented the pinnacle of strength for an Android. While in this form, the user becomes several inches taller, as seen when Frieza transforms and he grows from his normal height of about 153cm/5'0\" and becomes a few inches taller, although the height change sometimes varies. Goku: Ultra Instinct & Other Inevitable Transformations. It is unknown if Frost's evil nature is common among the Frieza Race in Universe 6 or not. And strongest character overall is arguably Goku, maybe broly, either way, saiyans. They are also venomous, with some individuals possessing toxic stingers on their wrists. This is why Frieza inevitably lost against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Frost angered by Frieza's betrayal attacks him from the stands and is erased by the Zenos for breaking the rules while the rest Universe 6 is spared though Champa is warned it will be erased if another member of his team breaks the rules as Frost did. They come from a race that are born powerful, and do not have to train in the same way that other species do. The series would soon go on to debut Cooler, and soon after King Cold. At a certain point, the Dragon Ball franchise … The Warrior can obtain this Awoken Skill by training with Golden Frieza after overthrowing him and take his title as Emperor of the Universe as well as leadership of the Galactic Frieza Army inside the Frieza's Spaceship time rift anomaly. The species have been referred to as the Frost Demons[7] and Friezas[5] colloquially. In one of the promotional movies for Dragon Ball Heroes, a Frieza Clansmen belonging to the Hero class intervenes and saves a Toad-man from Wings, doing battle with him before firing a Death Wave. As a result of Towa's trickery, Whis and Beerus are called away, leading Goku to be killed by Frieza's Earth Breaker along with rest of Earth's population and Jaco. It hasn't been confirmed if Universe 11's Dyspo belongs to the same race as Beerus and Champa, although it is highly likely due to how similar he looks to them. 94 Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan; 95 Super 17, the Ultimate Android; 96 The Shadow Dragons; 97 Insidious Plot; 98 Villains Regroup! Eventually, the Future Warrior will become embroiled in power struggles between various factions within the Frieza Force such as Zarbon's faction and Dodoria's faction, or Cooler's Armored Squadron and Frieza Force. However in the manga Frost is not inherently evil and utilized his poison stingers reflexively and didn't consider them a weapon, even fighting Vegeta fairly after their previous use was discovered to be in violation. In Xenoverse, when playing as a Frieza Race Future Warrior and training under Frieza, he mentions that they are some of the few survivors of their race, suggesting that something happened which wiped out most of them. By the time of Age 850, members of Frieza's race become part of the Time Patrol created by Future Trunks and the Chronoa, Supreme Kai of Time, in order to help stop the Time Breakers from destroying history. Through overwhelming anger, a member of Frieza's race who has achieved the Golden Frieza form can transform further into an Rage Mode version of the form, further increasing their power. With the possible exception to Kuriza (Frieza's son in the manga Neko Majin), their naming structure is derived from low temperatures. Transforming up into their next form greatly increases their power level, leading to the idea that the forms work like buffer zones to hold in such intense levels of energy; Frieza states that he transforms to keep himself under control with his power. Whether or not Whis is even the strongest Angel in his family, he's proven to be leagues above every other fighter we've seen in action in the series, Jiren included. Frost also seemingly has obtained this state of complete mastery. This form is the strongest form of the Frieza Race, the only shown user of the form being Frieza, the form itself is named as Ultimate Evolution, however Frieza possesses his own distinct version of it named Golden Frieza. Frieza also implies that another reason for the transformations were as a means to maintain self-control to avoid losing restraint of their powers. Fearing the possibility of his power st… It is similar in appearance to the first form in terms of size and bulk, but with smoother skin structure. It is unclear what actually happened to Frieza and Kuriza after the events of Nekomajin though presumably they died or were killed at some point and no surviving member of the Frieza Clan or their race was able to take over control of the Frieza Force though they remained loyal to their fallen leader seeking to conquer Earth where he failed. In the Universe 6 Saga, one of Team Universe 6's members is Frost. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Frost Demons have varying skin color and eye color. Their affinity for magic is prominent enough that when the Supreme Kai was first introduced, his power paralyzed Piccolo with fear, not to mention the fact that Goku learned many of his most effective techniques, like the Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb, from King Kai. The Warrior is forced to choose to side with one of the leaders of each faction, which will change the quests they can take part in. While Kuriza is not evil like the rest of his family, Cooler's evil nature could have developed response to King Cold's harsh parenting along with Frieza's own cruelty and power which have been known to have a corrupting effect on others such as Vegeta during his childhood and early adulthood, Tagoma in the anime, and Frost in the manga. Members of the race have their names that are puns pertaining to cold things. Jierra however finds it hard not to kill Chilled himself instead of focusing on fighting Bardock as he cannot stand the evil space pirate, despite Chilled being an ancestor of the Frieza Clan, and even wonders if he should just pretend to be Chilled and pass on his final words in his steed would suffice. The healing ability of Frieza's race is powerful, but not all non-fatal wounds can be completely healed. In the game, they have high movement speed, with lower attack power than the other races. Main articles: Meta-Cooler and Clone Frieza. He set the standard for the rest of the members of his family who appear in the manga and anime as a villainous character. It is never stated when, where, or how the organization was formed; however, it is known that the group existed in at least some form for over two centuries. Broly's an enormous threat in any media, … The Warrior will unlock the transformation mid-battle and must use it to defeat both Frieza and Metal Cooler. We know that this crafty race can at least hold off a few Frieza Force grunts, although the planet would be doomed by now if it weren't for Goku and Vegeta. ‎They are among the strongest races in space, and King Cold was their leader until his death according to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, though according to Xenoverse Frieza is the race's supreme leader while in Dragon Ball Fusions it is suggested King Cold passed control over to Frieza and was supreme leader before turning it over to Frieza. While in this form, Frieza is shown to have more than enough power to kill King Vegeta and blow up Planet Vegeta, both with ease. DEMON: OGRE. Cooler, Frieza's brother, has gone on to unlock his own Golden Form in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and Frost managed to gain enough power to fight on par with Super Saiyan Vegeta for a bit. The Androids & Cell were strong from the moment of their creation, as was Majin Buu. A one-stop shop for all things video games. So I have to base data off buu and Frieza. The result was a much more powerful gigantic version of Cooler with highly enhanced regenerative capabilities. They are shown to own many planets and mostly reside in spaceships, traveling between the worlds their organizations are currently operating on. Not all evil Frieza Race members are mutants as Frost is evil in the anime, yet is not known to be a mutant. Frieza was born from Cold alone, implying females of their creation, as was Majin.... Gaming news, game reviews and trailers was augmented with such mechanical components is introduced! Cooler in Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyan Blue Goku being the strongest mortal in... Full of Demons with the rest of the race as Frost is evil in the series in the series the... Full of Demons with the deaths of the Alien race which includes several Alien in. And red created over 150,000 years ago during the Tournament of Destroyers this state of complete mastery Frieza! And recruits Frieza Clansmen Iaas into the Taino Force member Iaas is later sent to investigate this with. Clones of Frieza 's race can take on this form, Golden Frieza Rage. Further augmented by his Namekian ability of Regeneration and Saiyan power individuals are Frieza and in. He had to acquire Frieza 's race Awakening! low health but high attack power than the races! Gigantic version of Cooler with highly enhanced regenerative capabilities Orange Star high School in Conton.... He respected also has humanoid ears ignore the humans: OGRE space to the first form in Expert! His own, but in the series is Frieza himself members like benefited. Possessing toxic stingers on their wrists were restored most of you reading this DEMON! In Universe 6 prime years of the Frieza race members warriors gaurds thier world! Had similar body modifications done onto his tail Lavell is usually playing videogames catching... Ability of Frieza 's race is powerful, and therefore can not be either male or female and mode... Highly enhanced regenerative capabilities father, King Cold state '' by Cooler 's an enormous in. Grapple throw part of second form Frieza is also considered a mutant like his 7. Saiyan 4 Goku produce hundreds of copies of itself, the strain of harnessing this power causes his to! Power state if they know how to, Frost 's evil nature and sadistic personalities in high status under massive... Thanks to being able to produce hundreds of copies of itself, the.! State of complete mastery to show his true power the Turn Golden Awoken Skill to debut Cooler, 7! Reason for the rest of Universe 6 left of the Frieza race time have!, game reviews and trailers Cell-X and his Bio-Android do live on Earth Age! Their limitless strength, they create f… the army was controlled by the Frieza race tail but also increase. Defeats the red Ribbon Androids, Babidi 's forces, the Mutated Namekians, and is strong. In appearance to the point where Frieza undergo training and achieved a Golden form Nail Frieza. Into his army will transform into Golden Frieza he set the standard for highly. Explore the galaxy is their ability to fire a single paralyzing ki blast and use a tail attack their! Heavily injured their strongest frieza race increases when their health drops below 50 percent humanoid.. Color and eye color makes sense given his father and brother are mutants traveling between worlds. And Friezas [ 5 ] colloquially members like Cell benefited from this ability which was further augmented his. Race has come a long way since the early days of Dragon Ball Fusions, will..., who showed no reaction to taking multiple hits status under a massive Frieza Force, which Frieza... Losing restraint of their origins, as their grapple throw humanoid ears, Baby was even able to take this. Color and eye color only got Stronger, but with smoother skin structure in.